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Snow Services Frequently Asked Questions

What is Evaporative Snow made of?
Evaporative Snow ™ is a laboratory formulated foam based solution that makes the brightest looking evaporative snow product. It is basically 98 percent water and two percent surfactant. Surfactants are elastic chemicals that make the hollow flakes. This solution, used in our snow machines, creates a realist looking snowfall. The solution is aerated at 1/10,000. The water starts to evaporate within seconds making the flakes become smaller and lighter until they disappear. The surfactant chemical becomes microscopic particles. The surfactants used in our formulation are of the highest cosmetic grade possible.

Our snow fluid formula is made of 98.7 % De ionized filtered water and 1.3 % surfactant and other agents ( "surface active agent") Surfactants are wetting agents that lower the surface tension of a liquid, allowing easier spreading, and lower the interfacial tension between two liquids with Fatty acids, while fatty acids derived from natural fats and oils, a fatty acid is a carboxylic acid often with a long unbranched aliphatic tail (chain). The Snow Solution other % is Triethanolamine.
The Triethanolamine ingredient is used as a pH balancer in cosmetic preparations in a variety of different products - ranging from skin lotion, eye gels, moisturizers, shampoos, shaving foams etc

They are non-allergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-staining. Other brands of snow fluid can make you cough or give a irritated throat. The water content evaporates quickly leaving a beautiful falling flake that is dry to the touch and disappears after contact leaving no residue or mess.

We have no alcohol in our snow fluid like other snow fluids that the flakes get smaller unnaturally as they float through the air

Will the Evaporative Snow ™ stain anything?
When our fake snow machines are used properly, they leave no moisture. We have been making it snow for almost 20 years, and we have never received one compliant about staining. Our fluid uses De ionized filtered water; this product was originally used in the movie industry so that if the snow landed on a camera lens it would not leave a water ring.

Is it slippery?
The product, when used with the right settings, can run continually without causing any damp or slippery surfaces. The non slip factor is based on the Fatty acid derived. We need a starting height of 15 and max height or 30 ft.

Can it be used around food?
Many caterers and event planners use this product as part of a display, entrance ways to a party or as a “wow” effect as guests sit to have a full course meal. It is also used for weddings as the bride and groom cut the cake. It is even kosher. The 99 steps of Flake control is the key. Its only a snowmasters snow machine feature.

Does it have an odor?
No, it has no odor or taste.

So what is it?
This is not ice or real frozen snow. The quick answer is its a fake snow flake, which is dense foam blown through a special filter that creates small and various sizes of tiny white bubble flake like clusters creating the illusion of snow. Once it falls to ground, snow will remain white for up to 90 seconds when it will disappear DRY.
Our Snow is:


Static coefficient of friction

We are the only snow provider that tests snow fluid for wetness - slippage on various floor surfaces, a coefficient of friction meter test. We have had several independent tests recently with major theme park clients and past with flying colors. We also can provide coefficients of friction measurement slip tests for our clients when requested.

A 0.50 COF or above has been recognized as providing non-hazardous walkways surfaces which is accepted industry standards as adopted by UL, ASTM and OSHA. These agencies set many requirements for floor safety under 29 CFR-1910 referring to providing floors of anti-slip surfaces or maintaining surfaces in non slip conditions in commercial building. It is generally considered in the industry that a walkway surface with a coefficient of friction higher than 0.50 is non-hazardous.

In all cases, the coefficient of friction value increased after running hours of falling snow with Snowmasters Evaporative Snow® fluid brand.
Our snow fluid test results found that floor surfaces are rated drier by 0.20+ after we ran snow for a long duration cycles over time and tested the same surfaces when dry. No particle accumulated weigh on the surface either. That why you only see Evaporative Snow ™ machines and Evaporative Snow® fluid brand only used in theme parks worldwide.

With The Largest Rental Inventory of Snow Machines from Professional Series, Commercial Series, Studio Series and Consumer Artificial Evaporative Snow Machines in the Nation, with over a dozen different snow machines. Below you will find Rental Agreements, Prices and Shipping Procedure and our 101 Guide

Professional, Commercial, Studio, Consumer fake snow machines with full service hire, sales and the our huge Inventory of fake snow machine rentals shipped nationwide. You can rent our professional series of artificial evaporative snow machines for the effect of falling snow in the air indoors and outdoors. If you're looking for one snow machine rental for a party to ten machines on a commercial property or would like Turn-Key production service of the snow event, call us 813.689.6269 for a free consultation.

Our Promotional Snow Flier E- mail us at

We supply 100's of snow machine rentals every year seen millions of people in the USA in live events, on TV and in Movies. We are a dedicated snow machine hire - rental company, our snow technicians are on site to help with event planning and advice for your big event. We can rent one of our high-powered snow machines or provide a snow machine rental manned by one of our trained snow technicians to create a falling snow effect for you and your guests.

Let Us Help You Have a White Christmas Theme

If you ever wanted a white snow scene such as winter wonderland for a white wedding theme, a christmas party with falling snow at the walk in entrance, a city holiday event with a blizzard in a park or snow filling an entire room for a corporate holiday party. Let us help you make it happen with America's best snow machine services that can create the most amazing, realistic effect of falling snow. Prepare for your christmas productions and events early to miss disappointment.We can help you create a white snow scene any time of the year with the most realistic artificial falling snow available. We can rent you a snow machine or give you service nationwide or travel worldwide to make your event or special occasion unique and one to remember. We can supply snow in the air or snow decor on the ground, call us at 813 689 6269

The prevailing idea is that their are many companies to choose snow machines from and these machines work differently depending on the company selected. Fact - Snowmasters owns the technology and licenses all models, so if it's not Snowmasters brand its a low performance model. So if the company is not offering Snowmasters Brand they have 1990 consumer model, only Snowmasters are the most technically advanced special effect method available, high performance Evaporative Snow Patented Technology fluid (FAQ) which evaporates in 30 to 90 second or moments after it hits a surface. Snowmasters brand are modernized design in a family of special effects Snow Machines used for years in Theme Parks, Movie Productions, Theatres, Malls, and Presentations. These futuristic modeled “work-horse” sprays evaporative snow are out from its nozzle section and creates a realistic snowfall effect without residue or cold air. The following is the real facts on fake snow machine industry. We have 8 Different Snow Machines Options to Choose from.

The first Snowmasters designed units were available on the market to the entertainment industry in 1991 when Antari made the first units for Snowmasters under the Antari name. Just a few short years later in 1994 Snowmasters had advanced the machines to High Volume/High Range and called the machines the T-1000 and the T-5000 labeled "The Magic of Francisco Guerra". In 1994-95 these original Antari models once used by professionals in early 90's were outdated compared to today's versions of Snowmasters machines, the 1999 machines or even the 1995 snowmasters models and were considered Consumer Brands. A low performance consumer machine is louder, makes wetter (difficulty in dissipation) snow with inconsistently in flake size which clump together with low volume of snow while spraying short distances.

It is very difficult to compare identically priced snow events from different sources as snow machines all do the same basic function, make millions of cluster of bubbles at an event, with snowmasters machines that's 10's of thousands of bubbles (per machine) per minute other consumer brands have much less output per minute. While some snow machines look alike and they all have a basic design of operation which is pumping fluid and blowing fake snow flakes. But snow machine are not made equal in performance and features, they don't all have the same standards of excellence from one machine to the another. Only Snowmasters has advance proprietary features and 99 steps of evaporative flake control.

Do Can Do It Yourself

We have had many malls save money and do the set up process themselves with help from our team. In the past other company's services offered a snow attendant and an install team, the snow staff was on property to run the event and to take care of the machines which were never designed to be outdoors due to the machines and company limitations. We have the option of automated show snows events. We are leading the industry in self installing and make it very easy with our consultation. We can travel and do the setup if you have limited staff or just prefer to go that route. We are leading the industry in self installing and will make it very easy process.

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More Information on our Fake and Artificial Snow Machines Effects

Recent Results From Surface Slip Test Word Doc

Systems are Not Equal - Ever Wonder Why/Facts about Snow - Snow Option- Choices - Snow Clients

Professional Series Snow Machines

T 1000 fake snow machine
Snow machine T 1500-T 1600 Silent snow machine snowmasters sub zero

For do it yourself rental, malls, Home - Business corporate parties, theaters, stage, city tree lighting, santa arrival

Studio Series Snow Machines

T 1600 Silent snow machine SNOWboy Stage Whisper

For Studio sets, tv sets, photo shoots, movies low sound environments

Commercial Series Snow Machines

blizzard cannon fake snow machine perfect storm fake snow cannon

For full service only, malls santa arrival, theme parks, city tree lighting, city blocks, film, movies, city parks

Consumer Snow Machines



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