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While our competitors are still pushing the 1st generation, antiquated models and claiming that they are good for all applications, we are offering you choices and solutions to fit of your exact needs. Instead of forcing a client to cope with one model and making his event work around its capacities, we tailor the capacities to the event. We understand that each client seeks to provide a unique snow experience — only through our varied line of Snowmasters Snow Machines do you have choices and this can be truly achieved. We have have 8 machine options and models.

Beware of the cheap machines and fluid used by other companies. Why pay the same price for a low performance snow shoot when you can hire the same crew that services the theme parks and same machines used by DISNEY and UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, SEA WORLD, PARAMOUNT STUDIOS at your event. With one of our machines, the other COMPANPIES need four consumer machines.

Identifying a consumer brand machine look at the snow in the air, if you see very large pieces of flying foam and very empty spaces right in the same space it's a consumer snow machine. These machines have a great tendency to produce larger agglomerates, which in turn lead to excessive moisture buildup in the surrounding area while the larger flakes looking more like soap suds falling

This OmniSistem Snow 1000 Consumer Snow Machine sprayed the below results

The photo on the left has a red circle with a very large piece of flying foam and the right photo red circle shows a large snow cluster and within the circle the lack of snow flakes. The volume is lack luster as compared to the photo below with a T 1000 Professional series machine

fake snow machines made with winter wonderland

The right snow machine makes all the difference and many snow machines look-a-likes, but they don't all perform the same as Snowmasters Snow Machine Brand. The machines listed below are Low range - Low output 900 flakes per min or less NON (not) EVAPORATING (meaning foamy wetter snow) Consumer Grade (china/Hong Kong made) 1990 designed brand machines, Don't be fooled by sales hype of others as they will say anything, but you get what you pay for in this world.

While the "ML Per Min rating of the pump" is important, what more important is that the PC board control in the unit, this controls the air flow mixture with the fluid consumption (actual control of fluid pumped) over correct style sock to gain volume and distance distribution. The consumer models does not have this control. The Snowmasters are DMX PC Board Command Control which has is 99 steps of flake control. As well as custom made nozzle/sock assembled in the USA. So our PC boards have control and command of these areas. The consumer models do not have these capabilities. This is way they can't give benchmark ratings of distance and volume which is designed in the Snowmasters Machines. It is the ability of the movement of air within and over the sock with the correct flow of fluid, which Snowmasters has custom nozzle and Custom DMX boards is the key. Your not getting the special effects machines adopted direct from Hollywood Movie Sets and the Standard of Theme Parks if you machines are using these consumer names below, as these are the license standard 1990 (electrical parts) consumer brands machines;

So many offer the cheaper 250.00 snow machine model for top dollar professional brand machines and some advertise them as the machines Hollywood uses, or say the Cadillac of snow machines or their very own created system of snow machines. Snowmasters owns (and licensees) the snow blowing technology and if its now Snowmasters brand its inferior 1990 models. Some paint the machine to take off the consumer brand name and may even silk screen a name. These inferior Consumer Grade are slanted in the front and will make a larger foamy snow due to the lack of commend control DMX plus a blower and sock miss match.

For example the Chauvet consumer grade snow machine has the same basic looks as most snow machines, but it doesn't perform the same as a Snowmasters' Professional Grade Machine. These consumer grade commercially available machines are inferior and have a great tendency to produce larger agglomerates, which in turn lead to excessive moisture buildup in the surrounding area while the larger flakes looking more like large soap suds falling.
You may not know how good your snow event can look until you see one of our snow falling displays.

Beware of these cheap machines claiming that they are professional machines and fluid used by other companies that are low performance machines. These machines are not designed for outdoor use (read their manual). Consumer snow machines are using half the amps draws at 5.0 amps and our snowmasters high volume machines are drawing either double 10 - 15 amps. Think in terms of a vacuum machine, you want the high power 12 amp machine model. The cheaper 8 amp machine don't have the suction power and uses less power to do a less of a cleaning job.

Chauvet : Antari : Vivid : Flurry : Snow Flurry : 2008 & older Silent Storm : True North : Evolution : Soundlab : Skytec : Starlight and Magic Pro : Omnisistem : The Dragon : Snow Jet : Elation : The Santa : The Professional Motion Picture Snow Machine

View machine Comparison; Consumer Snow Machines versus Professional Series Snow Machines

old 1990 low output snow machine A Chauvet consumer snow machine average price 200.00 new to buy is the standard machine of lighting companies and other special effects companies such as fireworks company who thinks that all there is to snow is a basic old design snow machine. So many offer the cheaper 250.00 snow machine model for top dollar professional brand machines and some advertise them as what hollywood uses, or say the cadillac of snow machines or their very own and created a system of snow machines. Can use outdoors in the elements or keep on the roof top for a few weeks of a run of shows. Disappointing results will follow.

The Flurry consumer snow machine is advertised "Professional high-output machine" and sadly its not and its it confuses people to see the $ 340.00 machine, thinking it can compete with a 1850.00 model Snowmasters model. Let think about this 340.00 machine The company which is selling the machine making a 25% mark up as profit, so the machine is at 255.00. The distributor/importer buys them for 50% of the price of 255.00 which is now 127.50. The manufacturer is doubling his price so the machine cost less than 63.00 to make this consumer snow machine. Its a low output and flakes are not realistic. Can use outdoors in the elements or keep on the roof top for a few weeks of a run of shows.

A Antari consumer snow machine that some on line companies mistakenly are calling a professional high performance machine and renting these low performance machines for 250.00 an event which is only 149.00 more than the rental price to purchase new, selling at 399.00 Retail. Can use outdoors in the elements or keep on the roof top for a few weeks of a run of shows .These machine should rental at 50.00 and these machines are not designed for outdoor use, so don't be fooled. Our Snowmasters line of true professional T-1000 snow machine rents (with weather cover) for 275.00 and cost to buy 1625.00.

True North and Silent Storm 2008 older Snow Machines claim that these are like Snowmasters Brand and are top-of-the-line generator represents the latest in quality snow production technology. Provides optimum control over flake size, and heavy duty components are manufactured to the most exacting standards in there promotional ads. But are not top of the line, not the latest in technology in 2010 (nor were they in 2005) they are 1st generation, antiquated 1990's consumer models and have just basic volume of snow control. For some who thought they they are saving money doing snowfall events themselves believing sales ads, three seasons ago I received a call from a larger Florida City which bought 30 Silent Storm consumer grade fake snow machines (would need 10 Snowmasters Machines to do the same Job) and had city workers set the machines up for a city holiday event. On testing the snow machines they were very unhappy with the results of these machines and the snowfall not looking like realistic snowflakes (large clusters of foam), calling us days before the event to and pleaded us to come down and do the event with our gear. Cause they said they couldn't use those machines because they were to foamy.

Last year Dec 2009, I received a call from a Dance Company doing the Nut Cracker and had 2 True North Machines, they wanted to know how to make the stage less slippery from the snow. (don't have this problem with Snowmasters Machines) This was due to the True North machines and Fluid, making a foamy mess when the crew moped the stage deck to clean. We did tell them how to neutralized the floor for foam, as well as suggesting that using Snowmasters fluid would be a first step in stopping this (QUOTE) hazard condition for the dancers. The Second step would be a snowmasters machine to control the flake size with 99 steps of flakes. I also receive calls from many people who where work for cities and were sold and told that the machine would do the job as our snowmasters machines and are disappointed and embarrassed to display and want to send back the snow machines and buy Snowmasters Brand. A church once called would bought 8 true North snow machines asking if on friday I could provide snow on Sunday. They said after buying these machines and testing they machines looked like a car wash machine of soap and it didn't look like realistic snow. Again I took two Snowmasters machines to do the job and make them happy. Can use outdoors in the elements or keep on the roof top for a few weeks of a run of shows.

If a machine is under $ 900.00 for sale it's a consumer brand snow machine. These range from $ 189.00 - $ 900.00. All have the same basic poor performance parts. If these were dependable why wouldn't these machine have a life time warranty like Snowmasters? Snowmasters units sell from $ 1500.00 - $6500.00 depending on model.

First, our machines produce the only truly evaporative effects out on the market. It will evaporate within 30 - 90 time frame, but can hold it shape for minutes but contact will make it disappear because of the DMX Command Control system. With Consumer Brand machines the water content will dry out much slower and a as well but a much longer time frame, allow the buildup of wetter snow if the snow hits the floor. Conventional snow machines lack the tried and and tested technology that allows our effect to be completely evaporative.

We could never get the results we do with any of these listed above consumer grade snow machines, the results as seen in our video demos. Plus these machines do not hold a UL rating and your insurance company will want a UL Listed machine on your property. If these consumer machine were any good why wouldn't theme parks, who use hundreds of machines for each park, use them? They don't!

These consumer (Chauvet and Antari) grade brand machines that are made in China overheats (they needs to be turn off in 10-15 minutes),are louder, using 45 minutes of fluid a Gallon flow rate, spraying foam snow shorter distances rated at 12- 15' and 6 - 8' wide while only costing a few hundred dollars. All of these machines like Chauvet and Antari are Snowmasters 1990 old technology and are the first snow machines invented. Antari was the first company commissioned by Francisco Guerra to manufacture snow machines and make them available commercially back in the early 90's.

These early machines that still are sold today spray snow flakes that are more moist with no evaporating properties, so the flakes are bigger and heavier so they won't fly and stay in the air like snowmasters brand of machines.

If your renting machines using these names below they are Consumer Machines

Chauvet : Antari : Vivid : Flurry : Snow Flurry : Silent Storm : True North : Evolution : Soundlab : Skytec : Starlight and Magic Pro : Omnisistem : The Dragon : Snow Jet : Elation : The Santa : The Professional Motion Picture Snow Machine

Consumer Brand NamesConsumer Brand NamesConsumer Brand Namesold 1990 low output snow machine

The Three Types of Snow Machines Consumer, Professional, Commercial

These are Consumer Machines with Better Performance

CITC Little Blizzard and 2008 Le Maitre Silent Storm machines are the Consumers Machines Standard machines and are the best machines for with in this class of machine. Can be found at FX rental and stage equipment rental houses.

The Silent Storm throws artificial snowflakes - whose size can be varied - between 9.6 - 19 ft, It has a built-in two-channel DMX for both fan speed and flow control.

CITC Spraying about 15 ft

CITC Little Blizzard snow machine is like a hybrid, part professional part consumer model. All other CITC are Consumer Models.The CITC little blizzard 3000 flakes per min snow machine is similar to a older professional model with very little flake control and make larger flakes. The snow fluid is a formula that dissolves the flakes as the snow flakes are floating in the air, its a is self dissolving flake (flakes get smaller and smaller to the naked eye). So the flake needs to start out large and that is not a natural looking snow. Plus you can't get a high volume or long range of snow produced as compared to the snowmasters brand. Even with their blower modification. It appears that the sound proofing restricts air flow for making the machine quieter. The round opening which they think The round opening increases output 20%, is not allowing air flow to expand. These machines have a 3 year life span in my opinion and experience work these for 9 years, if used for heavy duty runs of rentals. The snow fluid is a Alkanolamines chemical family, that is a type of solvent with amino (Ammonia) which is the self dissolving formula. I have used and owned Little Blizzards from 2001 and this is from my history and use of these units.

You compare the volume of these machines. Shown (below) is the photos below with two little blizzards volume of snow with help with a hurricane fan at 30 ft high.

Photos above are CITC snow machines producing flakes that are too large, flake paddle is on small and the blower set to max or small.

Only Snowmasters Snow Machines sets the bench mark standards for Snow Machines with 8,000 - 25,000 flakes per minute in the standard line of snowmasters label. Which are used 100 % in Movie Studios Theme Park as Snowmasters Brand invented the snow machine and devolved machines for particular projects such as Disney. If its not snowmasters machines it will not look not as real as mother nature snow. FYI; I work for companies that hire me (snow expert) to do snow events with there machine inventory. My methods, ability of tweaking machines, positioning techniques and experience allows me to make any event look good. These photos was such an event.

Consumer rated Silent Storm above and Professional rated T-1000 below.

T 1000 snow volume

Look at the output of the T 1000 Professional Series Volume and distance and compare to photos of consumer machines above.

fake snow machines made with winter wonderland


Above is one Snowmasters T-1000 14 ft high, if compared to the 1 or 2 little blizzard (above) T-1000 has more volume 12,000 flakes per min more snow and a realistic looking smaller flake.

We know the spec's of these(above) overseas made machines, we know how the blower and pump is configured and how they operate and perform. The advertising of these many of these machines claim performance only snowmasters offers, If it not The Snowmasters Brand its not top-of-the-line snow generators representing the latest in quality snow production technology. Snowmasters is Made In America Brand.

View machine Comparison; Consumer Snow Machines versus Professional Series Snow Machines

Other Brand Machines

Just because a machine sprays foam a good distance that doesn't equate to a great snowfall. The Giglio Moroder Production Snow Machines from Italy put out a great volume but it spraying wet foam and it accumulates on the ground easy which is not evaporative snow. While the volume of snow off the sock looks huge, the blower which looks like a huge hair dryer, doesn't allow the snow to travel and drift and float in the air. The snow falls down like rain with bigger Surfactants that are not elastic chemicals that make the hollow flakes which are light weight which is the key. The snow flakes are large and not as many different sizes and they should be.

The blower creates a noise factor generated from the machine which is 80 dB + and the foam spray is too watery and concentrated. Look how narrow of area that is being sprayed and how it drops. May be proper for outdoor events as some of our commercial series snow machines.

With the snow too wet and and some snow falling more like rain or mist which is heavy, doesn't allow the snow to float and fly in the air and acting like real snow and the results is not light weight hollowed bubble clusters drifting and flying like real snow would.

The True Professional Grade Series Of Snow Machines

Snowmasters The Clean Snow without residues!
The advantage Snowmasters snow machines is that thanks to the properties of its patented Evaporative Snow ® solution, the artificial snow flakes are biodegradable, non-toxic and leave no residue on the ground, camera lens or your wine glass. And of course snowflakes accidentally ingested through either your drink or wedding cake pose no physical harm.
Consumer machines are not designed like this nor can you use just the fluid to allow the process to work.

All Weather Machines

We Have the only snow machines which are weather proof as a rental and can stay outside in the elements!

You can't just box or make a custom tower box with to hide machines from the eye or weather. These machines need air intake to operate 100%. Lack of power or air intake will have machine blow less, meaning less snow.

A consumer machine  installed in a box

Machines in boxes that are enclosed are prone to overheating and parts failing giving you issues during your run, Photo to the right with holes in the box still is restricting air as you can see the snow dropping down due to lack of air intake and blower not pushing the show more than 8 feet.

Our Machines are design to allow weather covers, allow the air flow, which is designed under the machine or to the rear to allow weather covers while not restricting air flow shown above on all models for high volume High range of our blowers. Our USA made machines has all the bells and whistles including UL Approved

of The Snow Machine Choice of Theme Parks Industry Worldwide.

Our Promotional Flier

Our snowmasters machines and other world brands spray a High Volume - High Ranger yet dry light snow traveling 35- 80 ft that will evaporate before it hits the ground when adjusted correctly by flake size.

Our Complete Series of Snow Machines Quick Reference Guide

power head  fake snow machinepower head fake  snow machinesnowboy snow machine blizzard snow cannon T 1000 fake snow machineSnow machine T 1500 T 1600 Silent snow machine T 500 snow machine

Consumer Brand Names Snow Machines

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